Deep Woods

Welcome to the Deep Woods

The world and society of this world are young. Towns never have more than a couple of hundred people, and even the ones that do are few and far between. Most towns are built on the ancient ruins of this lost and glorious empire. Ruins that span as far as far as the eye can see, but have been stolen and captured by the Deep Woods. The Empire, so legend has it, was ruled by an immortal emperor, he ruled with as a tyrant and was able to control the entire world, and did so by being able to be everywhere at once. Using this power people were able to travel from place to place without having to fear the monsters and beasts of the world. The emperor was said to have been sealed away by a powerful warrior, but the secret of his omnipresence disappeared with him. With the secret lost, infrastructural failed, communications halted, and the city states of the great Empire crumbled.
Magic in this world is controlled mostly by sorcerers and warlocks. This is because there is little for learned mages (bards, wizards, and spellswords) to work with. The nuances and mechanics of magic are still being discovered. Sorcerers and warlocks do not need to know how their magics work, they just need to know how to access it.
Towns are very weary of outsiders or strangers that they have never met before. This is because of the deceiving ghouls and wolves in sheep’s clothing. A standard law in most all towns are that none are aloud in through town gates after dusk.
The roads that have been blazed through the Deep Woods are followed stricter than any rule. Deviating from the road is considered the action of a fool. The only people who walk off the roads are Guild Adventures; those capable of dealing with the infinite perils of the Deep Woods.

The Deep Woods is a dark and dangerous place. Few places have been tamed by the races of this world and all need one another to survive. Each town has resources that they can produce different resources, but no town can produce everything it needs. So trade between villages is very important, but getting goods from one place to another is perilous. Towns use Adventuring Guilds to guard and protect caravans.
Your party will be members of the Order of the Hawk, the Adventuring Guild of Terenth. Terenth is a town known for its mining and logging. It’s located near the middle of the Deep Woods and is also used as a outpost on trade routes. The duties of the Order are to protect the village from beasts and monsters of the forest, guarding and escorting caravans, and hunting monsters in the Deep Woods. The Order of the Hawk is lead by Richard Rounds, a human male in his mid thirties. A skilled and veteran hunter of beasts. Myth says when he was a young man he slayed a great and wicked beast, and with the monsters hoard came back to his home and founded the Guild. Richard’s second in command is Mina Ryn a female half-elf who acts as clerk and archivist for the Order.
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