The Emerald Vale


There exist places within the Woods that remain prosperous and seemingly untouched by time’s cruel hand. The Emerald Vale is such a place. One of the multitude of towns founded after the Fall, the Vale differs with its sister cities in that it is a bastion of civilization in an otherwise barbaric dark age.

The town is built on and within the ruins of what once may have been a palace, or a fortress, or or some other kind of momentous structure of importance. It is surrounded by what is known locally as the Forest of Giants, a wild land plagued by creatures of enormous size.

Regardless of the adversity, the citizens of the Emerald Vale have spared no expense in bringing their home as close to its former glory as possible. Giving the town its namesake after the great emerald colored gates that allow access in and out of the city. Three massive concentric stone walls stretch around the town proper dividing the city into three large districts.

The outer most district is used for agriculture, and several farmsteads and cattle ranches have developed in the outer ring over the many years that the Vale has stood. The outer ring is also used as a buffer area between the Vale’s more residential inner districts, and the fearsome wilds that lay beyond the outer wall.

The middle ring is where the majority of the Emerald Vale’s citizen’s dwell. In the shadow of their wall, the middle district is home to a melting pot of races, cultures, and ideas. The people have made a concerted effort to reuse and re-purpose the ruins that the Emerald Vale is built upon. With people taking expansive and abandoned ruins and converting them in sprawling residential complexes. Others fashion the remains around them into new structures, taking the discarded and forgotten and re-forging it into new purpose.

Lastly the inner most district. The Cloud District as it is called, is home to the Vale’s nobility. Nestled in the remains of what may have been the original structures courtyard and palace grounds, the Could District hold’s the ruling family of the Vale, as well as its other government officials and person’s of note.

The Emerald Vale

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